The Most Famous Uses Of Bespoke Glass In Architecture

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Glass is, of course, one of the most interesting and diverse tools which the architect has at their disposal. Naturally, the first thought that will come to most of our reader’s minds when we mention glass will be windows. Though, over the years, designers have used this incredible material to create some of the most stunning architecture on the planet. This is all thanks to the unique properties of glass. After all, it is relatively easy to work with and can create beautiful shapes. This means that designers often use glass to accentuate areas within a building or frame a particular area of interest.

The South Rose Window

In a blog about classic architecture, it would be pretty difficult to miss out the world-famous cathedral of Notre Dame. Situated in the heart of Paris (the capital city of France), the cathedral is a shining example of mediaeval architecture and features some of the most impressive design elements the world has ever seen. One of the most prominent features of this jaw-dropping building is the South Rose Window. The large circular stained glass window was designed by Jean de Chelles and Pierre de Montreull and was built in 1260. It is one of the only stained glass windows from the time to still retain most of its original glass.

The George Hotel

As you approach the George Hotel in Hull you may be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing particularly inspiring about this 17th-century inn. Yes, it is a fairly impressive building predominantly for its age and stature over the street below. Though in the grand scheme of things it wouldn’t exactly turn your head. Though look a little further and you might spot something a touch more interesting. Nestled away at the front of the inn is a tiny window found between two of the stone bricks which form the front of the structure. This tiny shard of glass is, in fact, the world’s smallest window!

The Pope’s Window

Since the early 17th century the Papal Apartments in Rome have been the official residence of the Pope. The building from the outside is a pretty standard example of Italian architecture at the time and features nothing of particular note except one very important window. This window in question is, of course, the Pope’s window in which he delivers his noon speech every Sunday to a crowd of onlookers below.

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