Top Reasons To Choose Aluminium Windows For Your Home

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Showroom: Herniss Business Park, Londowns, Penryn TR10 9BZ

Your windows are a vital feature of your home, where they allow natural light in whilst letting you take in the view of the outside world. They serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose, as proper window glazing can help to keep your interior warm whilst also adding to the look of your property.

Beyond your glazing, you may also wish to consider the design of your window frames. You will have numerous materials to choose from when selecting your new windows, including timber and uPVC, with each offering a range of benefits.

A modern alternative that has become increasingly popular in the home design business is aluminium windows, where this attractive metal is both strong and budget friendly – read on to find out more about the many benefits of selecting this material for your installation.


One of the major advantages of aluminium frames is that they’re more durable than other material types. The density of the metal means that it can withstand the elements better than materials such as timber, where wood is likely to warp and rot over time. In contrast, aluminium frames are designed to last for decades.


You may also find that aluminium frames present an affordable alternative to more traditional window frame materials. This is because some metals are cheaper to manufacture than genuine timber, meaning that you will be able to invest in more elaborate and aesthetically pleasing designs at a low cost.


Aluminium window frames also represent a popular option due to their attractive appearance. If you’re looking to reflect a modern interior with stylish window frames, then aluminium can provide you with an appealing look for your property, compared to the more dated appearance of timber or uPVC.


Another advantage of choosing aluminium window frames is that they come in a wide range of colours to suit your individual tastes. Whether you prefer a traditional metallic look or something more subtle, aluminium windows can easily be manufactured according to your preferences.

Prolux Systems: Aluminium & Bespoke Windows To Suit Your Property

At Prolux Systems, we can supply you with the perfect aluminium window frames to suit your home, whether you’re looking for a modern installation or a more subtle finish. We’re currently working with Smart Architectural Aluminium, Alitherm Heritage and Alitherm 600 to bring you some of the best aluminium windows on the market.

So get in touch with our expert team today if you’re on the lookout for new double glazed windows made from aluminium.