The Many Benefits of Profile 22 Windows & Doors

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Investing in new doors and windows can be an overwhelming prospect. With such a huge array of products available at different price points, it can be hard to know which is right for your property. uPVC windows are becoming increasingly popular for a multitude of reasons. But when shopping for uPVC windows at your local window suppliers, you may be unsure which brand to choose.

Profile 22 is a unique brand of uPVC windows that offer excellent design, elegant aesthetics and exceptional performance delivering a competitive advantage and outstanding result. If you are considering investing in Profile 22 uPVC windows, we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the benefits and learn why they are a great choice for your property.

What are Profile 22 uPVC windows and doors?

Profile 22 is a brand created by window manufacturers Epwin Window Systems. They are leaders in the window industry offering quality and bespoke window solutions. Profile 22 has a history dating back 40 years in which time they have finessed and perfected the role of uPVC windows. Epwin Window Systems is a proudly British name with a strong heritage.

Profile 22 is an award-winning brand and the UK’s leading window and door system. They are an excellent solution for many properties as they offer a range of benefits. Keep reading to learn why Profile 22 is the leading supplier of windows and doors in the UK.

Four systems to choose from

Profile 22 is constantly innovating its windows and doors, providing uncompromising design. The four various systems to choose from offer unrivalled thermal performance in the long term. The four systems are divided into two complete main profile systems and two niche window systems; we’re certain there is a Profile 22 system to choose from. No matter what your requirements are, Profile 22 has a window and door system to suit you.

Better thermal performance

The window and door experts at Profile 22 are constantly striving for better. That means their windows are top of the range, easy to install and offer superior all-round performance. The slim design is clean, modern and attractive, making it ideal for a wide range of projects. You can benefit from thermal efficient windows that improve the heat retention of your home, helping you save money on energy bills, even in the depths of winter.

Designed to perfection

Our modern, sleek design is ideal for a range of home styles, whether traditional or contemporary. We believe Profile 22 designs look and feel the best, providing customers with a seamless exterior aesthetic as well as precision functionality. All our ranges of window systems work well with all window applications including casement, tilt & turn, French casement, and both residential and French doors. No matter what style you are looking for, Profile 22 has such a beautiful and varied range, that you can find the right windows and doors for your property. At Prolux Systems, we stock Profile 22 because of their wide choice of window systems, meaning we can offer more choices to our customers. They offer a broad range including colour-matched cills, bay poles, accessories and packers, providing you with the flexibility you need for your project.

Wide choice of glazing options

Profile 22 has the widest range of glazing options on the market (24-44mmI including triple-glazing in three sizes. This creates a more efficient way to provide affordable and energy-efficient windows. Profile 22 creates cost-effective triple-glazing with sub-1 U-values, without the need for expensive Krypton gas. This means you can achieve the glazing option you desire as well as noise-reducing and energy-efficient doors and windows at a lower price point.

Designed with ergonomics in mind

Many windows lack ergonomics and easy-to-use functions. Profile 22 windows are designed with the homeowner or tenant in mind. The surfaces of these windows are designed so that they are easy to clean and maintain, making it easy to stay on top of window maintenance and repairs, helping your windows last even longer. Profile 22 window manufacturers created these windows with angled edges to allow rainwater to run straight off, this minimises dirt and debris build-up, so you don’t even need to clean your windows as often. All Profile 22 window systems are designed to offer excellent long-term durability and weather protection. All systems incorporate deeper drainage channels into their designs, along with faster water drainage which means fewer service call-outs.

Casement windows with superior seals

Old windows with poor seals do not offer substantial protection against the elements. With older windows, you’re more likely to experience cold draughts, mould build-up and lower thermal standards. Profile 22 window sashes benefit from a 10mm seal cover that offers exceptional weather protection and improved Window Energy Ratings because of the increased size of the glass area. This is a much more cost-effective solution to reducing draughts and achieving thermal standards. Additionally, Profile 22 doors and tilt-turn windows both have an 8mm seal cover with roller locks and concealed gearing, while a 10mm cover is achieved on doors using Safeware 8 locks, offering outstanding performance and weather-ability.

Built to last

Profile 22 windows are a worthwhile investment because they are durable and built to last. The money you spend on the windows will quickly be earned back based on savings from fewer repairs and replacements. They are top-quality systems, built for life so you only need to buy Profile 22 windows once. They are designed to be simple to fabricate and install as well as surpass UK and EU Building Regulations and PAS-24.

Profile 22 is designed for the future, the Optima system is an advanced window design for the 21st century. It will change your expectations of what modern windows should be and offer. While the market and technology are always changing, Profile 22 stays on top of this by consistently researching new trends and technology as they arise.

Unrivalled quality

Profile 22 windows are regarded as the best in the UK and are widely used on extensive building projects and properties across the country. This is because they are designed to last and have an unfaltering reputation as quality windows and doors. They are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Profile 22 has also invested in the latest extrusion technology, so products guarantee exceptional performance.

Profile 22 window systems combine a variety of features to maximise security and strength. With a central Eurogroove, their sashes have enhanced rigidity as well as incorporated strategic local wall thickening for 35% better screw and hardware retention. Profile 22 windows pass security tests without glazing clips. As a result, we can offer windows with enhanced safety that are well worth their money.

Prolux Windows – Proud Profile 22 Window Suppliers

At Prolux Windows, we are proud suppliers of Profile 22 systems. We stock a range of uPVC windows including Profile 22 Optima. Profile 22 Optima is a fully integrated, 70mm system for casement windows. You can choose between two variations, the sculptured or chamfered variations. Meeting all requirements for thermal efficiency as standard, we believe Optima windows are the best of any window manufacturer in the country. They offer a wealth of intelligent design features as well as double and triple-glazing options. This means your thermal efficiency can be enhanced to meet your project’s specified standards, up to and including 0.8 W/m²K or A++. You can also benefit from market-leading structural strength and security. When correctly specified, Optima casement windows are PAS24-approved as standard. Secured by Design requirements can also be met where required.

If the above information has prompted you to research Profile 22 windows and front doors and maybe even invest in quality uPVC windows, get in touch with the team at Prolux Windows today or visit our showroom. We are leafing window suppliers stocking only the very best from window manufacturers in the UK.