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The most common service provided by window companies is the repair and installation of windows and doors for both commercial and domestic clients. However, window companies have evolved from just repairs and installations to include a wider range of services.

It is particularly useful to understand what services window companies can offer when looking to select a window company to use. Understanding the industry can help you to make a more informed decision, saving you money and time in the long run.

Here are the services window companies can offer, read on to discover more!

Window Installation

Window installation is critical when it comes to increasing your home’s performance, reducing drafts and saving money. However, there are two different types of window installations to consider which depend on a number of factors such as:

These are the different types of window installations and what they entail:

1.   Full-Frame Window Installation

A full-frame window placement requires the entire existing window to be removed prior to the installation of the new window. In a full-frame installation, all existing parts of your window are replaced down to the rough opening, including frame, hardware, casings, jam extensions and brick moulds.

A full-frame installation is required when your home is old and there are rotting frames and sills that are beyond repair. Often, homeowners of old houses are reluctant to change the original windows of the house because they are worried that it will tarnish the character and style of the house.

However, if a window contractor discovers rotting or insect infestation, it is probably best to replace the windows.

Another scenario for requiring a full-window installation would be when building a new construction home because there is no existing window frame so a full frame window is needed to be installed.



2.   Insert Replacement Windows

Insert replacement windows is where a new window is inserted into the old frame. The interior and exterior trim remain in place and the new unit is simply placed into the existing opening. Only the old sash, hardware and covers are removed and replaced.



Window Repairs and Maintenance

Once the new windows have been installed, regular maintenance and the occasional repair will most likely be required. Window companies recommend that windows and doors are periodically checked (approximately every 6 months) to ensure that they remain at optimal performance for the duration of their lifespan.

However, homeowners who live in areas with harsh winters or coastal areas should hire professional window contractors to survey their windows at least once a month for signs of rot and mould.

The time and cost associated with minor tweaks or repairs can prevent major expenses associated with replacing a window. This makes it beneficial to have a trustworthy window company on hand to deal with any minor issues there may be with your window, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Different Types of Windows

Window companies can install and repair a wide range of windows for both commercial and domestic purposes. They are available in a range of materials, including timber and aluminium.

Aluminium windows are generally cheaper than timber windows, however timber ones tend to have a longer lifespan and is usually better at trapping heat.

Choosing the right type of window for your building will depend on your budget and building’s style. These are the different types of windows and what they are best suited for.

1.   Casement Window

Casement windows are the most versatile and convenient type of window.

They open and close like doors courtesy of a hinge that’s attached to the sides of the frame, and remain the only type of window available on the regular consumer market that fully opens. If your office or room is on an upper floor and tends to get stuffy and hot, these windows could be the best choice for you.

They can be suited to most properties and are available in single, double or triple panels in both contemporary and traditional designs.

2.   Tilt and Turn Window

The main advantage that tilt and turn windows offer is that they can open inwards and be fully opened to allow for cleaning the external glass from inside a property.

Tilt and turn windows have an incredibly snug seal when closed, making them one of the safest and most energy efficient types of windows.

3.   Sash Window

Arguably the most attractive window type, sash windows are designed to work in such a way where the intricate mechanisms that provide functionality are discreet, and almost invisible.

These types of window are most commonly found in Georgian and Victorian properties.

While they offer an attractive, classic look, they are one of the more expensive types of window and harder to maintain.

4.   Sliding Window

Instead of opening vertically like a sash window, sliding windows open to the side.

Sliding windows typically suit contemporary builds, and help to open up spaces to the outside

5.   Bay Window

A bay window projects out from the exterior wall line and extends to the floor.

It creates an enhanced view of the outside and allows more sunlight to enter your home.

Typically found in Victorian and Edwardian houses, this window acts as a focal point for the living room at the front of the house.

6.   Bow Window

Bow windows are a good idea when looking to improve your view and natural lighting. A bow window and bay window are similar and often confused. The main difference between them is that for a bay window, the base wall brickwork is often extended.

Bow windows are also typically more expensive than bay windows because more panes are used in the construction of a bow window.

7.   Skylight Window

A skylight window is a small, angled window which appears on the roof of a house.

Skylight windows can increase the overall value of a home and can reduce stuffiness in hot upper rooms.

However, due to the angle of the window, they often let in too much light, causing potential discomfort.

8.   Fanlight Window

Fanlight windows are windows that typically appear above doors, usually semi-circular or rectangular in shape.

The function of the fanlight is to provide additional light through the window, to brighten up the hallway of the house.

9.   Egress Window

An egress window is not a style of window, but a safety measure.

For new builds or extensions, all rooms above or below ground floor must provide at least one egress window or door that allows escape in case of an emergency.

Any style of window can be an egress window as long as it meets the building regulations: be more than 450mm wide or tall and have an openable area of at least a third or a metre square. The bottom of the window must be within 1:1m off the floor  in the room.


Some window companies have also expanded their product range to provide doors.

At Prolux, we offer a selection of doors to choose from which will compliment your newly fitted windows. Our range of doors are available in a number of materials, including UPVC, Timber and Aluminium, so that you can choose a door that perfectly matches the style of your building.

Prolux: Specialist Window Fitters Operating Across Cornwall

At Prolux, we work with the finest material suppliers to create and install quality products.

As a professional double glazing company, we provide a range of high quality bespoke windows and doors including luxury, folding, sliding or entrance doors and casement or sash windows.

Not only do we provide the best windows and doors on the market, but we also offer a range of other products including conservatories and orangeries.

If you are interested in one of our products or would like to speak to a member of our helpful team, get in touch today to find out more.

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