How to Protect Your Cornish Home From Salt Water

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How to Protect Your Cornish Home From Salt Water

Living by the coast comes with many benefits. Whether it’s improving your mental health with regular sea swimming or enjoying long days at the beach in the summertime. However, one factor many of us fail to prepare for is the damage saltwater can cause to our homes. If you live close to the seafront, it’s likely there is a lot of saltwater in the air, so it’s important to be aware of the damage it can do. Some studies have shown that saltwater can even cause damage up to 50 miles inland!

Here’s how to protect your home from saltwater.

Avoid untreated metal

Using metal windows or door frames can be detrimental because it corrodes much faster than others such as UPVC windows or timber windows. If you do want to opt for metal windows, make sure to use marine-grade, powder-coated window frames that will be able to withstand corrosion from saltwater. UPVC and aluminium are your best options because they experience the least amount of weakening from the salty air.

Avoid leaving things outside

Leaving things out in the elements will cause even more corrosion and damage than if you are to regularly bring them inside. Things such as bikes, motorbikes, boats and cars are best kept in the garage as they are most at risk of being affected by the salt. If you are putting a boat in storage, make sure to properly wash it before you do to remove the layer of salt.

Repaint your home

As a resident of Cornwall, you’ll have to repaint your home more often than in other inland locations. The salt can cause the paint to chip away, no matter how much care you put into it. If you only have brickwork, salt can also cause this to weaken, so it’s a good idea to check it for damage regularly. It’s also important to hire a professional to complete painting or repairs. This way you can be sure that any further damage is avoided.

Pressure washing

If your home is very close to the seafront, you may experience a build-up of salt. To tackle this you can pressure wash your building at the end of every season to pull away salt and ensure it doesn’t encroach on your building’s structure or decoration.

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